Top most dirty states in Northeast, Borno ranks first

There are some dirty states in the Northeast even if some of the worst states have designated Friday and the last Saturday of each month as environmental sanitation days, the demon of dirty will still lingers Metro Times reports.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) was established in order to raise awareness among residents and citizens of a country about the need of keeping the environment clean by removing dirt and waste, and the UN also designated the 5th of December each year as World Environment Day.

According to Metro Times most residents are unaware of the health consequences of a dirty, polluted, and unclean environment, including the many diseases such as Malaria, Typhoid, and other undiscovered health threats known to man, as well as environmental calamities such as erosion and drainage system blockage.

Despite the efforts of the governments of the guilty states to provide waste-bins, dustbins, and baskets throughout the state, heaps of waste are still cluttering and adorning the various streets.

Without further ado, here are the Northeast’s dirtiest states, with a track record of always being dirty in 2021:

Borno State

Borno has been dubbed the dirtiest place in Northeast. Aside from the fact that Borno state is an insurgency state, it’s a state filled with Internally Display Person IDPs and one of the most developed state in educational system and it has failed to lead in that regard.

A drive or walk around the many areas within Northeast’s commercial hub shows that heaps of waste are dropped on road sides, even passersby and car owners/ occupants throw things on the roadside which sometimes goes beyond the control of waste management officials.

Borno recorded some level of cleanliness during the era of former governor Kashim Shettima.

An example of a dirty places in Maiduguri is the popular Bolori, Maduganari, Wulari rail ways side, it has a heap of refuse located all over the rail way, Baga road market and Kasuwa Customs market which is the biggest commercial market in the state capital.

Top most dirty states in North East, Borno ranks first

Bauchi State

Bauchi state may boast of its strong economic foundation in the north, but that does not excuse her from being one of the most dirty cities in the Northeast.

The majority of these states’ governments prioritize maintaining the capital cities clean while neglecting the smaller villages.

Yobe state

Yobe is another dirty state in Northeast that really need to be kept clean. A visit to one of the main city in Yobe state, Damaturu will shock you as you would be greeted with lumps of waste on the road sides and various streets in the town.

The inhabitants of Damaturu and another town in the state are known for throwing dirts at the popular motor park in the area thereby causing pollution which has health effects on passersby.

The government is yet to act on this as the agency in charge of seeing to the prosecution of offenders are not functional in the state.

Top most dirty states in North East, Borno ranks first

Taraba state

You might be wondering why Taraba state is on this list of unclean states in the country, but this state is lacking a proper waste management system which makes it hard for indigenes to dispose of their dirts and refuse.

Top most dirty states in North East, Borno ranks first



Gombe and Adamawa state, which happens to be among most clean states in Northeast part of the country.


We understand that some of our readers would disagree with this list of Northeast’s dirtiest states, while others will endorse it. Whatever the case may be, use the comment area to express your thoughts on why these states should or should not be included on this list of the Northeasts most polluted states.

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