SGBV: Stakeholders Emphasize On Confidentiality To Curb Stigmatization Of Victims


By Francis Okoye, Maiduguri 

Participants at a 3- day workshop organized by Ambassadors of Dialogue , Climate and Reintegration (DCR Ambassadors)  with funding from Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) have emphasized the need on protection and confidentiality of victims of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) to curb stigmatization.

The 3-day workshop which started yesterday in Maiduguri gathered women led civil society organisations (CSOs) and relevant MDAs with the themes ” Accountability  Mechanisms for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment  and Effective Sexual and Gender Based Violence and Violence Against Women and Girls Prevention and Response and Inclusion of Women’s Rights Protection Into Community Development Planning in Borno State “.

Mrs Ndaglaya Ulam, a participant in the workshop , said to mitigate issue of perpetration and bring relief to survivors of sexual and gender based violence, the issue of confidentiality should be taken serious. 

Mrs Ulam noted that what is at times making victims of sexual and gender based violence not to disclose their predicament is because the issue of confidentiality is not taken serious. 

” Sometimes survivors might shared their problems to personnel and what she disclosed might be publicised , and people would be stigmatising her because of what has happened instead of looking for a way for her to have access to service or get away from the trauma she had found her way in. 

” So I am of strong opinion that we should take issue of confidentiality very serious because it is one of the principles that we need to hold on in order to do away with the issue of perpetration,” Ulam said. 

Also speaking, Bashira Idrissa Gambo of the Unified Members for Women Advancement ( UMMWA ) noted that the feedback mechanism on ground on the issues of gender based violence is not effective. 

She said from what participants have gathered from the workshop, there is the need to make feedback mechanism effective since various communities are involved, in order to ensure that victims get acces to caregivers. 

In his remarks, the Programme Manager of DCR Ambassadors, Mr Richard Inyamkume , said the essence of the workshop is to support women led civil society organisations ( CSOs ) on accountability mechanisms for gender equality and women empowerment.

The Programme Manager said under the structure, DCR Ambassadors and the funders are trying to support CSOs for them to able to do policies and legislative frameworks that support institutional development so that they would be able to mainstream gender equality to put into policies, community development plans and those approaches that would make sure that women are included in political process , they are empowered and supported to participate.


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