Senator Shettima’S declaration on Tinubu: Matters arising

By Mahmud Muhammad

Distinguished Senator Kashim Shettima representing Borno Central has eloquently set the tone for the candidature of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, erstwhile Governor of Lagos state and the APC trailblazer. Sen. Kashim Shettima aptly stated that “the time has come to choose wisely” during his keynote address at Support Group Conference, organized by Support Groups Management Council (SGMC) in honour of Tinubu held on January 17th, 2022 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja. He rhetorically asked “…who is better qualified (to run for President).” And he emphatically answered that “Tinubu should be given the choice of first refusal and that more than any other person; he has sacrificed more for this democracy, for APC.”

Without doubt Tinubu is and has remained an enigma in the Nigerian political rendezvous. He has remained faithful and committed to a united, prosperous and enviable Nigeria and that explains how over the years he has mentored several individuals from different ethnic and religious affiliations. He has equally sacrificed his ambition in the past for others to climb his political ladder. He has by such actions shown his maverick personae against non-conformist to democratic tenets in Nigeria.

Tinubu as a human being has of course his enviable goods, and what some will term as the other side of the man, but the most astonishing fact is that his goodness overrides his other sides and therefore we must not be cowed by malicious narratives against him. Age and well-being are all God’s.

We as mortals do not have absolute control over age and well-being. Moreover, what tells us that we will all witness 2023?

Nevertheless, Tinubu is the man of the moment and undoubtedly the man for the job, but we will patiently wait for the appropriate time to promote his candidature, as he understands very well when political momentum gathers and the power of unity in diversity. He also knows very well the mechanism for effective political sagacity and stamina of the Nigerian polity. He also undertakes risky activities that promote useful and healthier political stability against all odds, which might have explained why my Mentor, Sen. Kashim Shettima decided rightly to pitch his tent with Tinubu.

Many are presently sitting on the fence, waiting for the feast, but KSM as always knows what he wants and how to go about getting it. Overtime Borno state politicians have played politics of exclusion at the national level, undermining our prospects and opportunities. Therefore, Sen. Kashim Shettima should be applauded for his eloquently delivered keynote address, at the occasion. He represented us well and signals a very bright opportunity for Borno state in the Tinubu presidency in-sha’Allah.

Of course, PMB has shown us love, admiration and unalloyed support and we are very much grateful. Hence, we need to consolidate and that exactly is what our amiable Senator Kashim Shettima is doing.
For the political neophytes Sen. Kashim told them in that very address that “while Tinubu’s political contemporaries were trading their principles for a place at the table in Abuja during President Olusegun Obasanjo’s era, and throwing their political allies under the bus, he took the risk to build a political alternative to the ruling party and his choices of candidates underlined his political credentials.

He became, and has remained, a dependable sanctuary of victims of political witch-hunts.” Men of conscience are often very cautious of their actions, and try to justify their actions. That was exactly what Sen. Kashim did. He told the APC family and by extension Nigerians that Tinubu has paid his dues and should be supported for the several impacts he has played over the years in stablising the polity.

What many don’t know is that Tinubu has consistently remained a dogged and principled personae in the game of politics. Once he believes on a matter, he sets out his target of achieving them even if the nay sayers will loudly say No!

Although in politics, of course, the camps with nothing to sell always choose the mud. We are not going to take the bait. We are going to take the bait. We are going to keep them talking and busy with irrefutable records of Asiwaju’s suitability to lead this country to the Promised Land, so said Shetima! What a philosophical mindset? For us that closely worked with Sen. Kashim Shettima while he held sway as the Executive Governor of Borno state, we unambiguously understand what he meant. Simply, Nigerians should expect issues based campaigns, when the time is ripe, campaign of calumny as known with most politicians will not be their path.

Thank you so much Senator Kashim Shettima for such an enriched and wonderful presentation that became a subject of discussion amongst intellectuals and academics with varying interest in the democratic happenings of Nigeria.
God bless the FRN and God bless Borno state, may peace, security, prosperity and stability be restored in Borno state and Nigeria in general. Ameen.

Comrade Mahmud Muhammad, writes from Maiduguri, Borno State,

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