Niger troops killed many Boko Haram terrorists, captured 2 and rescue hostages

By Zagazola Makama

Nigerien troops fighting Boko Haram have raided a  camp of Boko Haram terrorists at Garin Wanzam, killing  many terrorists and rescued hostages.

The Lake Chad, and its forested  islands, has become a safe havens for  terrorists from Nigeria’s Boko Haram  and its rival faction, the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP), within the past years.

An Intelligence Officer Told Zagazola Makama, A Security Analyst and Counter Insurgency Expert in the Lake Chad that the troops acted on credible intelligence that some remnants of insurgents were abducting people and demanding ransom from them within the general area.

Sources said that the surprised attack led to the killing of some of the terrorists and the successful rescue of the hostages who were later  reunited with their families.

“The Troops met then when they are cooking while some of them were sleeping when they opened fire at them and rescued the women,”said the Intelligence sources.

He said that two of the terrorists were also captured alive noting that the Troops also recovered weapons, Magazines and Rocket Propelled Grenade from the enclaves of the terrorists.

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