Gov. Zulum’S several roads to paradise – the marvellous yerwa road networking

On Saturday Morning i arrived Yerwa City from Kano amidst the Most Happiest Moments in Our Recent History after Several Years of My Unavoidable Absence Only to be Welcomed by “Glaringly Glamorous” Massive Human Infrastructural Developments which Kept Me Completely Speechless. I Just Can’t Understand whether there is even Something Called “Insurgency” in Existence. In fact Yerwa City despite the almost “11 Months” of its Total Disconnection from the “National Grid”, Yet the Brightness of Maiduguri Metropolitan’s Street Lighting Shines above any Town or City in any State Capital of Northern Nigeria. I Can Stand in Defence of that in any Court of Law.

In the Very Afternoon of the Same Day, a Childhood Close Friend who is Now a Senior Government Official in the Current Administration of Prof. Baba Gana Umara Zulum Took Me for a Souvenir Drive through the Town to See What the Governor has done over the very Few Years he has been in Office.

The Good Friend in the Simple Person of “Alh. Ali Mall. Bukar”, the Executive Secretary of the Borno State Pilgrims Board Said to Me as we Drive,

“Let Me Take You Around and Show You, and for You to See for Yourself What Your Governor, His Excellency Prof. Baba Gana Umara Zulum has done in his Unbelievable Rapidly Developing of Our Beloved Ancestral City of Maiduguri”.

Yes Indeed as the Saying goes, “Seeing is Believing”; Hence Alh. Ali Drove Me Out of “Bulumkutu Abuja” where we Attended a Wedding Ceremony of Family Members, through “Modu-Ganāri Tashan-Kano”, entering into GRA behind Arabic Teachers College, Jumping and Shunning away from the Traffic Jams of “Post Office” into “Dandal-Way”, to “Mafoni” via “Gāsuwan-Gwoza” across “Galādima” and Straight into “Gambõru” and Up above “Kāsū-Feye” (Kāsuwan-Shānu) Hurriedly Passing Several Unpredictable Link Routes and Roads until we Passed Sheikh Idrīsa Kādi’s Street. We Ended Up through behind a Finely Interwoven Tarred Road which No Human Being has ever Imagine that it Can be a Motorably Passable Link Inside Yerwa in the Next Hundred Years to Come because it Used to be the Most Tabooed Zones in the Centre of Yerwa City. For it was in those Days, Camp of the Most Notorious Gangsters in the Whole of the North-East.

The “Road we Tarry Upon is Beautiful” because it Allows People to Undertake the Most Beautiful Aspect of Common Human Life to any One, thus for Any Person to Find a Secured Area in which he Can Carry On with his Struggle for One’s Livelihood and Earning for a Daily Bread.

The Thousands and Thousands of Varieties and Cocktails of People, Old Men and Women, Young Men and Women, Children including the Feebly Weaker Persons Moving Up and Down the Newly Constructed Streets Around Gambõru Market was So Beautifully Decorated with Reassured Peace Read on their Faces.

Certainly their Looks Seemed to Signify Cautiously Solemn Prayers Unto “Whosoever Person” is Responsible for Bringing them Back to Life again.

We Drove Beside the Walks of the Famous “Tandāri”, a “Remand Home” in the “Mashamāri Ward” along the Popular “Ruwan-Zāfi” Area that Leads to Ngāla Local Government Area and Beyond even Chad and Cameroon Republics up to Sudan Beside the Red Sea.

I Remembered Alh. Bukar Ngamdu (Elder Brother to Late Dr. Sa’id Ngamdu) was the Principal of the Historic “Tandāri” for Many Years. It was a Righteous Sort of a “Concentration Camp” which has Transformed Thousands of Naughty Children Many of whom have Now become Very Significant Persons in Life.

The Newly Constructed “Bridge” Coming Out from the Back of Kāsuwan-Shānu that Links Up Gambõru to the Custom Area which is an International Route Connecting Nigeria with Many Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. We Passed by Rewarding Erected Government Schools (either Renovated or Newly Established) in that Colonial Remote Neighbourhood as Everything I Caught Glimpse of Keeps “Watering My Eyes” with Tears in the Fullest of Real Joy in My Weaker Heart that always Accommodates, Appreciates and even Acknowledges the Beauty of Others Achievements, because that was how i was Trained by My “Pious Teachers and Parents” who Inculcated in Me the Magnanimous Beauty in always Working Hard in Appreciating the “Beneficial Achievements of even an Enemy”, because, as they Used to Say;

“The Most Unforgettable and Unforgivable Person amongst People is Such a Person who doesn’t Appreciate the Good Works of other People, no Matter who Makers of those Good are, where they Come and Unto whom they Extended Such Beneficial Goodness”.

As My Host Kept Driving, Hearing My “Soliloquy” in Surprise of Zulum’s Gigantically Monumental Projects, he Keeps Whispering to Me Saying,

“Just be Patient because You are Yet to See Anything”.

Truly as the Words of Alh. Ali Echoed in My Ears, i Agreed in “Sincere Submission” that indeed I’m Yet to See anything not Until i Immediately Sighted that very Unbelievable Artistic Masterpiece of the “Custom Flyover”, a Similarity which i Last Saw its equal in “Casablanca” Precisely My Last Tour Abroad.

We were Told that the Renovation by the Federal Government Over the “Third Mainland and Eko Bridges” in Lagos was Great, but I’m 💯% Sure that the Developmental Project that was Made anywhere in Nigeria “Can’t be Measured” in Comparison with what Could be Obtainable in “Borno”, The Centrepiece of the Worsest Insecurity Zones of Nigeria ever Since Our Nationhood Came into Existence. For Borno (The Celebrated Known Home of Peace of Yesterday) as of Today is an Area which is Yet to See the Most Demanding Light of Peace at the End of the Tunnel of its Survival for Well Over a Decade.

For Sure indeed, Whenever any given Society is at War of the Magnitude of the “Bõko Harām Insurgency”, Nobody has the Guts to Challenge its “State Executive” for any Trace of Underdevelopment that is Perceived, because No Development in War ever Happens and if it does its Definitely by Accident or Some Sort of Misappropriation of Priorities, because even Developers Can Only be able to do that only if Peace Reigns again.

In the Following Afternoon i was Driven by a Professor Friend from University of Maiduguri to Several Areas, and wherever we Passed by, I’m Told that that’s the Work of Your Man, The “Tireless Prof. Zulum”.

For Many Years i was a Constant Visitor to the Remote Hinterland of “Jiddāri-Polo” which has been a No-Go-Area for even the Members of the Neighbourhood because of the Devastating Condition of Life especially during the “Rainy Season”, and as if Alh. Ali (ES) have Unified their Idea of “Taking Me by Surprise” with the Son of My Sister-in-law who Picked Me from around the “Kyarimi Park” to their Home who Refused to Say a Word of those Speechless Development they were Blessed with by Allāh Ta’āla through His Devoted Servant, Ba’ana Zulum. He decided to Patiently Leave that for Me to See for Myself.

When we Turned Right into the Former “Molai Quarters”, i Saw Us Smoothly Galloping into the Residential Area without Hesitation, for i was all along Waiting to See him Slowing Down on Entry into the Zone, but Instead he Increased the “Car’s Accelerator”, it was then that i Realized that there was Something Newly Unusual with the Old Dilapidated Neighbourhood.

I Began to See the Real Eyes of “Social & Environmental Development” Manifesting the Beauty of the Dejected Neighbourhood, Well Built Tarred Road Sandwiched by Two Remarkably Unmistakable Gutters that Can be Able to Carry Away High Metrics of Water as a “Disturbing Drainage” of the Locality that has Nearly Crippled the Survival of the Whole Inhabitants for Many Cruel Years.

The People in that Vast Residential Area of “Jiddāri-Polo” are Today One of Most Happiest People in the State.


If as of Today any State Governor anywhere within Nigeria is Ready to Serve his People with the Fullest of “Integrity and Sincerity” Truly Desires doing that, he Must Immediately Never Lose Chance in Liaising with the “Borno State Chief Executive” in Learning from him the Inner Secret of Achieving a Goal or Goals in the Scheme of Things in his Term of Office.

There are Hundreds of Densely Populated Wards and Residential Areas across Towns and Cities in Northern Nigeria which Required Proper Road Linking for More than “Four Decades”, but to the Unfortunate Surprise of Millions of People (both Residents and Visitors), these Areas are Still what they are in Complete Demoralised Condition for All these Years.

Thence the Unquantifiable Tireless Efforts a given State Governor Shall Put in Place especially Tackling what has for Many Years Keep Destroying the Humanistic Nature of his People is an “Unknown Investment Such a Governor has Made Upon himself and the Entire Generation of his Progeny for Hundreds of Years to Come, because According to a Famous Statement Declared by One of the Pious and Godfearing Ancestors (Rahmatullähi Alaihim) who Used to Make Highly Encouraging Words Unto his Disciples Enjoining them in Diversifying Ways in Engaging themselves in Acts of Good Deeds, Saying;

“Oh You the Lover of Good, Try as Much as Possible and do Something Good to Please People, Just Earn their Pleasure; Verily Once You are Sure to have Pleased them by Entering Happiness into their Hearts, then be Informed that Allāh Ta’āla Shall do You Uncountable Favours Whether those whom You did Extended Your Goodness to them Prayed for You for Allāh’s Forgiveness, Blessings, Guidance and Protection or Not, because for Sure Allāh will Fulfill Your Wishes both here Today in this World and Tomorrow in the Next World with that Resounding Happiness that You Sent into Needy Hearts”.

Indeed Gov. Zulum’s Several Developmental Project alongside the Huge Number of Invaluable Structures he Erected Ranging from those Many “Technical Skills Acquisition Schools” to those Uncountable Inter-Wards “Link Roads”; All these are “Perfectly & Clearly Clean Roads that are Bound to Lead him to Al-Jannah” (Bi’iznillāh) for a Job Well Done with a Final Certificate for a “Tireless Service” given to him by The “Supreme Lord of The Worlds”. This is a “Fact according to Many Facts” from Divine Scriptures, the “Old and New Testament”, the “Psalms of Dāwud” (David), the Glorious Qur’ān Plus Several Ahādīth Narrations of the Holy Al-Mustafa (SAW), for Indeed he, Our Master the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said;

《The Best of You in the Sight of Allāh Ta’āla is the Most Beneficial of You to Others》.

《Long Live to the Pacesetter Prof. Baba Gana Umara Zulum, the Executive Governor of Borno State with Allāh’s Guidance, Blessings and Permanent Protection Accompanying him throughout his Life with Allāh Ta’āla According Unto him the Fullest Conviction of Returning and Resettlement of All the IDPs from Maiduguri back to their Towns and Villages with Allāh’s Assistance; Long Live the Peaceful People of the Home of Peace & Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria》.


I. M. Al-Amīn©️
Yerwa City (NG)
R/Thānïy 19th, 1443
November 29th, 2021

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