Enugu APC Chairman, Ude mocks PDP over pledge to rescue Nigeria

Comrade Adolphus Udeh, the newly elected Enugu State Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), has criticized the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) pledge to save Nigeria.

According to Udeh, before rescuing Nigeria, the PDP must first answer for the innumerable underdevelopment barriers that the party engendered in the system prior to their 2015 withdrawal from power.

Udeh said he keenly observed the PDP convention on Saturday at Eagle Square Abuja, where speaker after speaker mocked the APC and stated that they want to save Nigeria, in a press statement issued in Enugu on Sunday.

He blamed the PDP’s 16 years of misrule for Nigeria’s current socioeconomic woes under the APC leadership.

“Isn’t it preferable for PDP to start by accounting for the innumerable underdevelopment impediments they implanted in the system before their exit in 2015?” Udeh asked.

” The PDP acted as if it were a tenant who negotiated a favorable deal with Nigeria.

“Take the power industry, for example, where the federal government’s contract agreements with DisCos and GenCos favor private enterprises. PDP woven these distorted contract terms and nominated those firms who were less than efficient.”

President Buhari, according to Comrade Udeh, cannot simply wake up and cancel contracts in a democracy, noting that it takes time to unbundle the contract’s less-than-transparent clauses.

“The result is mass unemployment and a waste of public cash, as the Federal Government was forced to spend over N1 trillion to repair the damage.”

“The IMF estimates that Nigeria loses $29 billion per year, or 5.8% of its GDP, due to a lack of reliable electricity supply. And pay attention to Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), who blamed the weak electrical value chain sector for the bad status of our industrial development.”

Udeh emphasized that democracy has its own pace, due process, and checks and balances, which is why it has taken the Federal Government led by the APC six years to untangle the issue.

Mr. President, he claimed, could not wake up one morning and rescind contract agreements, no matter how flawed, since the media would accuse him of dictatorship and blame him for frightening away foreign investors.

He did say, however, that they were pleased that Abubakar Aliyu, the Minister of Power and an engineer, had found a solution to the intractable problem in the power value chain.

They weren’t talking about budgeted and abandoned federal roads, hospitals, and universities, or the celebrated N23 billion for three GreenField Refineries proposed by the PDP in 2010, which, if finished, might have saved Nigeria almost N5 trillion.

“And this was at a time when oil was selling for $100 per barrel on average, and Nigeria had a $40 billion excess crude account,” he explained.

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