El-Rufai to Buhari, says bandits must be killed

Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, has stated that his administration’s goal is to eliminate all bandits.

He talked with press in Abuja on Tuesday after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari to discuss the recent bandit attack in the state that lost 40 lives.

The governor, who was accompanied by Samuel Aruwan, the State Commissioner for Internal Security, stated that the bandits’ whereabouts were unknown, but that the military was aware of the potential for collateral damage to the civilian community.

He claims that if security forces are unable to locate the bandits, the state is impotent.

El-Rufai said he sought Buhari’s help in deploying more security personnel and conducting a comprehensive operation.

He urged security forces to carry out robust operations against terrorists, emphasizing the necessity for increased recruitment in the military and police, stating that a small number of people cannot effectively carry out operations throughout the 36 states.

“There’s nothing like regretful terrorists,” he remarked when asked about his views on remorseful bandits. The only bandit who has repented is the one who has died. The state’s goal is to murder them (terrorists) and then let them go to meet God.”

He claimed that the court’s recent designation of bandits as terrorists had given the military more authority to wage war against them.

Meanwhile, Kabiru Adamu, a security and intelligence expert, branded El-support Rufai’s for bandit slaughter as “unfortunate,” stating that a society governed by rules should not encourage the killing of offenders before their arrest and conviction.

“It’s terrible that such a comment comes from someone who has pledged to defend the constitution,” Adamu said. The constitution specifies the manner in which criminals will be punished.

“As far as I’m aware, only a competent court of jurisdiction has the authority to order someone’s execution.

So, for a governor to say that killing is the only solution, I think it’s quite unfortunate.

“When killing comes before arrest and prosecution, it’s not something that any democratic culture should encourage for the simple reason that we don’t want to take anybody’s life except if it’s absolutely necessary.”

“To that extent, I advise that our leaders, who are democratically elected, should avoid extra-judicial killings.

“If the security agents have any reason to carry out an operation, their first and most important priority is to arrest. Once they are arrested, they can subject those who they’ve arrested to our judicial processes.

“Let our courts be the ones to determine if that person is guilty, and whether the penalty should be death.”

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