Don’t send me back to school, they will kill me, an 11 year-old JSS 1 Student of Elkenemy College writes parents

By Hamza Suleiman

Jubril Sadi Mato (Ramadan), an 11 year-old JSS 1 Student of Elkenemy College of Islamic Theology Maiduguri, has appealed to his parent not to return him back to the school because of the fear that he may be killed by the senior student who severely stabbed him on his neck, leaving him battling for his life.

Jubril was severely stabbed with a razor blade by one Ahmed Umar Goni of SS2 on his neck, after refusing to go for an errand for the Senior colleague on 16, January 2022.

He was rushed to the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH) as he layed critical at the Intensive Care Unit(ICU), where he was battling for his life after his arteries nerves and trichea were severely damaged.

“Mummy, mummy, I’m scared. Don’t take me back to that school he will kill me” Such are the words written by Jubril when regained back his conciousness, said a family member who chose to be anonymous.

“No child should ever scream out these words. No parent should ever have to hear them… Unfortunately, this is a reality for Jubril who was a direct victims violence at school, which is still supposed to be a fundamental pillar of every society and a safe haven for learning.

“We are happy that the Network for Civil Society Organisation Borno Chapters, Nigeria Bar Association(NBA), The National Human Right Commission(NHRC) And The Federation of International Female Lawyers(FIDA) have vowed to investigate the case to ensure that the perpetrator was brought to book.

“Is was also unfortunate to note that the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospitals (UMTH), also joined the Elkenemy College of Islamic Theology in documenting false propaganda over the incident. In Jubril’s file, they wrote that the child fell and got injured instead saying he was attacked by another person.

“For us as a family, we want Justice for the poor child as we are also planning to take him to Egypt for proper medical attention,”he said.

It is now six days after the incident, but the school management had yet to respond to Journalist enquiries or make any official statement over the incident.

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