August Meeting: Chike Achike-Onua urges women to promote peaceful coexistence 

By Dilibe Michael, Awka

Anambra candidate for House of Assembly on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Chike Achike-Onua, has urged women to promote peacefully co-existence in the State.

Chike  who spoke at this year’s August meeting in Anambra stressed the need for the women  to used the opportunity of this year’s meeting to pray for lasting peace. 

August was a day set aside by Anambra women at home and in the diaspora  to discuss matters affecting them.

Chike Achike-Onua at the 2022 August General Meeting of Umunnachi Women Union held on Thursday.

During the  General meeting of Umunnachi Women Union held on Thursday, Chike reminded them that their labour shall not be in vain towards the upbringing of their children.

He said, “Mothers it’s your right for the government to give your child jobs.

“The increasing reports of women suffering in the society is alarming and I wouldn’t like that to continue again in the state.” he added.

“I am Ikukuoma (good air) and I want the good air to embrace you all.” he said.

Chike supported the women with undisclosed amount of money.

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