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Arsene Wenger names country to reach Euro 2020 finals

Arsene Wenger, the former manager of Arsenal, has backed England to reach the Euro 2020 final.

Wenger made the remarks after England’s 4-0 quarter-final victory over Ukraine over the weekend.

On Wednesday, England will face Denmark in the European Championship semi-final.

“It was the perfect night for English football, a perfect night for England,” Wenger told beIN SPORTS.

“They didn’t concede a goal, they qualified easily and they could rest important players.

“Ukraine conceded three poor goals and the second goal killed the game. It became an easy game for England but they did it well and what was important for them tonight is that they didn’t concede a goal.

“That will be an important quality to go to the final and win it. They look more stable, defensively.

“They are still looking for the perfect solution going forward, I think, but I am convinced now they will be difficult to stop.

“They go home to London now for the semi-final, so it will be difficult to stop them getting to the final.”

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