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Abuja Floods: 166 houses swallowed, road washed away over night

Floods destroyed Trademore Estate and other parts of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), killing four people.

Between September 12 and 13, the FCT Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conducted rescue operations.

Heavy rains hit Trademoore, Light Gold, Wisdom Estates, and the Lugbe hamlet on Sunday, prompting the intervention.

“Four people died as a result of the floods. Family members have carried the deceased away for burial, according to FEMA Director-General Abbas Idriss.

Over 26 cars were carried away, including an articulated towing van.

In addition, 166 homes in Trademoore Estate were impacted, and a paved road was totally washed away.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stated that it is evaluating the losses suffered by property owners and inhabitants.

Idriss expressed the condolences of FCT Minister Muhammed Bello to the deceased’s neighbors and families.

The authority pleaded with landlords and developers to follow approved building codes.

“We’re pleading with them to stop installing retention walls,” said the group. They are wreaking greater misery on the community by doing so,“ he stated.

Idriss encouraged citizens to avoid throwing trash in drainages as the rainy season neared its end and peak.

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